Keeping Your Car Brand New Everyday

You just got your new car and are excited to drive miles. But having one does not only require your knowledge on how to drive. You should know little troubleshooting and how you can maintain and keep it at its best all the time. You just spent thousands of bucks for it – you don’t wanna ruin it soon. For sure some people even name their cars and treat it so precious. I have nothing against it, in fact Dana (my car) can show you how I treat her too.

The Basics

The following simple tasks do not require long hours to be accomplished. In fact, you can do these while waiting at the gas station (whenever you decide to fill your tank).

#1 – Clean windshield

canon-car-new-innerCars with dirty windshields are prone to accidents since they are blocking your viewpoint while on the road. And you will always want to get a clearer view all the time (trust me!) especially at night. Give it a regular cleaning by using a sponge and a cleaning fluid. Give it a stroke from the middle to the side and then top to bottom. There are a lot of smaller elements on the road that can litter your windshield and sometimes can even be messier when your wipers fail to remove them completely thus leaving some sticky or oily dirt. You have also be mindful as to when you should call for a mobile windshield repair Houston service since broken or even chipped windshields put your life in a serious danger.

#2 – Check Tire Pressure Always

canon-car-new-inner-1Tires having correct pressure usually have longer lives and can increase your fuel efficiency. Over-inflated or under-inflated ones may also put your life into danger when on the road, chances are you can have a tire blow out. Worry not, it won’t give you a pain in the ass when you do this yourself (umm nobody else will) it only takes less than 2 minutes. Remember: to get an accurate reading, make sure you check the tires when at cold state, meaning before you drive around on them or it still can if the gas stop is just less than a mile away from your house. On the other hand, if you’ve been driving on your tires for hours, you should rest them for at least 4 hours before you can check the pressure. There’s a sticker or a paper-like note attached on your car about the pressure recommendation, follow these all the time, no more questions asked!  Next it to check the tire using a pressure gauge and if this does not meet the recommendation, fill them up with the required psi.

#3 – Oil Level Check-up

canon-car-new-inner-2Motor oil plays an important role in keeping your good car’s performance. It lubricates all your engine parts so they don’t grind and malfunction. The heat is also transferred away from the combustion cycle and the byproducts are then held and trapped in the process, sending them to the oil filter. Your car will be dead without the motor oil – and topping them off makes it very important for all car owners.

You have to regularly check the oil to the point that it’s becoming part of your driving habit. Well that’s a bit of exaggeration. Checking it when you fill up is ok but every other gas fill up will do.  Here’s the procedure:

  • Make sure your car is on level ground for accuracy of checking. Find your engine’s dipstick (normally the word OIL is written on it)
  • Pull the dipstick out
  • Wipe it clean with a clean cloth or a paper towel
  • Put it back all the way in to check the oil level
  • Pull it back up again but not upside down position. The oil level can be read by checking where the oil part ends and where the dry part starts. If the oil line is between two marks, it’s ok and you are all set otherwise if at the bottom mark you need to add some oil. Too much oil is never good for your engine too.

Alright, these are the basic stuff you need to remember when driving your new car. There are some more maintenance tasks I’ll be discussing here which involves a deeper knowledge on your car and how it should be maintained. But knowing the above and applying them as needed will surely make your car look new everyday.