Let’s Talk About Car Maintenance and When You Should Do it

Do you own a car? Because if you do, then you are probably wondering how you should maintain it. There are many maintenance tips you can take into consideration and some of these tips can be performed on a weekly, monthly or annual basis. With that said, here are some car maintenance tips and advice to help you proceed smoothly.

# 1 – Weekly Car Maintenance Tips

On a weekly basis, there are a few basic things you can do, but they can make all the difference in the world. What you want to do is check your oil level and transmission fluid and top it up if needed, but if the fluids are dirty, then consider changing them. Also, check your windshield wipers, tire pressure and air filter. Do a quick inspection of the exterior and interior because you may notice things that should be fixed before they turn into bigger problems. And that’s the last thing you’d wish to happen.

# 2 – Monthly Car Maintenance Tips

Once a month, you’ll want to inspect the accessory belts and change them if it’s necessary. Take a look at the brake fluid and top it up if needed, or change it if the situation calls for it. The power-steering fluid should be checked too and changed if necessary because this should keep your steering wheel operate smoothly. If there’s already three months since your last oil change, then consider having it changed because an oil change is also priority for your car.

Have a look at all of your car’s tires and change them if they are damaged. If the tires must be filled, then do it as soon as possible. The last thing you want to be doing is driving around on over-inflated or under-inflated tires or tires that have been damaged very badly.

Inspect the battery on a monthly basis, as well as the hoses. If any hose has a hole in it or damaged, then replace it. The same goes for your wires, but make sure to look at any wires that are visible. If you drive a lot or more than the average driver, then you may need to change out your wires often, but the only way to know this is by inspection.

# 3 – Yearly Car Maintenance Tips

Once a year you should replace your brakes, but feel free to have them inspected first. Generally speaking, brake pads should be replaced every 50,000 miles, sometimes less, which averages to about a year or more. You want to be safe, so have your brake system inspected at least once a year. Other things you can have done include replacing spark plugs, air filters, inspection of the AC system and checking your seat belts.

If you’re serious about keeping your car running like new, then it’s important to maintain it, which requires periodical maintenance. By keeping the above weekly, monthly and yearly car maintenance tips in mind, you’ll increase your chances of keeping your car running properly for years to come. Implement those tips starting today and you will have much more fun driving your precious car.

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