best time to buy a car

When is the Right Time to Buy a Car

Depending on which country you are staying, there are seasonal factors to consider when you are wanting to buy a new or second-hand car. The logic of aiming to save a few bucks is the same though. When I bought my very first car, I had no idea about the tricks. Although it is human nature to consult your deal offers with your family and few friends (moral support yeah!). I honestly needed someone beside me to tell me that my choices and decisions were okay. Well, it worked just fine but the deal could have been better if I had heard of the following pointers on buying a car:

  • Fall and winter months offer the best deals. This is due to the fact that people are not mostly
    winter time to buy a car

    A lot of luck in the winter

    spending their money on these months. However, this does not mean that you have to wait until such time. Inventories throughout the year become limited and most likely you’ll be able to get great discounts on car models that are not on your list.

  • It’s best to visit showrooms on weekdays especially on a Friday when the dealer is also keen to meet their weekly target. So if in case the dealer has not met his quota of sales for the week, you might get great discounts.
  • We go on with taking advantage of meeting sales quota – at the end of each quarter particularly June and December would probably welcome your lucky shots.
  • Wait a few months before you grab a new model. When the buzz about the new model starts to be quieter, you might get a good deal having it.
  • Try to give your offer before the workday ends. If the salesperson has not made a sale for a day, he is more likely be vulnerable to say yes to a good deal.
  • Shop for last year’s models when the new ones are due or has started rolling in the showroom. The dealer would want to sell new cars and of course is more willing to get rid of the older models by making great deals. This is an opportunity. Well a last year model is roughly the same with the new showroom
  • Be open to options too. Alright, so you have set your mind to buy a car model. But then there are a lot of good brands out there that might be even better than your preference. Be flexible in finalizing your choices.
  • Online showrooms are now a thing in the sales world. So while you feel you are far more ready to get your new car, it’s still best to contact at least 3 dealers and balance all the options for you.

These are tips coming from the people in the field, who are experienced at getting great deals on cars. Admit it, the best feeling in the world is to see how your hard work pays off. And having a car of your own is a living proof that your lifestyle is changing. It’s not something to brag about but it’s definitely something to be proud of. So if you wanna save money from buying such luxury, there’s nothing wrong with knowing how to bargain for it.

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