car photo essentials

Car Photography Essentials

Achieving good photography on vehicles are not as easy as you might think. While it can be simple enough to really capture clear and concise images of a stationary vehicle, it is a lot more difficult to capture the entire essence of the vehicle including its detail and design. In order to maximize your results, you are going to want to implement the tips I am sharing below:

#1 – Location

car photography - locationOne of the more important things to keep in mind when you are looking to properly shoot vehicles is the location of the vehicle in question. First, you want to make sure that the vehicle is at the very center of attention. Therefore, you should avoid any location that can steal the thunder from your intended subject. Also, you will want the location to effectively enhance the car’s appearance. Thus, you will want to try to find a suitable location for your specific car in order to really bring out the best in it through the photograph. For instance, a rugged photograph of a car would require a background like an abandoned factory or warehouse. Or a hippie look with a background of assorted colors and stuff, you know what I mean. Bottom line is find a location that would make your car stand out from other elements in the photo.

#2 – Lighting

car photography - lightingThe lighting is one of the most important things that you can get right when it comes to any kind of photography. However, this is especially true when you are dealing with car photography. Depending on where you plan on shooting your vehicle, you are going to want to make sure that you are choosing the right time. The best times to shoot photographs are going to be either during the sunrise in the early morning or through the sunset towards the evening. At this point, you are going to have natural sunlight that can provide you with the absolute perfect lighting conditions to bring out the best in your car photography. If this is not an available option for you for some reasons, you are going to want to be sure that you choose the right kind of artificial lighting that can provide you with the best results. There are different things that you can do in order to do this, but it will require a lot of testing and tweaking to get it right. A light reflector or a light box will help you get the right lighting.

#3 – Perfect Angle

car photography - angleAnother important thing to consider when you are taking photographs of cars are the angles that you take them at. Having your car set up in a great location with the perfect lighting is only going to go so far. You want to not only make sure that you are correctly portraying the car the way that you intend to within the photographs, but you also want to be sure that you are highlighting all of its best features as well. Thus, you will want to make sure that you are really maximizing angles to your advantage in doing so. By choosing the right angles, you can really shoot the car in its best form. Experiment on every angle. That way you can focus on the best angle and then maximize such by enhancing the lighting and your creativity.


Overall, there are a lot of different things available to assist you with getting the right photograph. Your high-end camera comes with the best features to enhance certain shots. You also have the software to manipulate results and adjust on the emphasis of the photo. Try to get used to mixing every features and choose the best shots depending on the concept you are trying to relay in the photographs. Always make your subject stand out and put in a story for every single shots you take.

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Let’s Talk About Car Maintenance and When You Should Do it

Do you own a car? Because if you do, then you are probably wondering how you should maintain it. There are many maintenance tips you can take into consideration and some of these tips can be performed on a weekly, monthly or annual basis. With that said, here are some car maintenance tips and advice to help you proceed smoothly.

# 1 – Weekly Car Maintenance Tips

On a weekly basis, there are a few basic things you can do, but they can make all the difference in the world. What you want to do is check your oil level and transmission fluid and top it up if needed, but if the fluids are dirty, then consider changing them. Also, check your windshield wipers, tire pressure and air filter. Do a quick inspection of the exterior and interior because you may notice things that should be fixed before they turn into bigger problems. And that’s the last thing you’d wish to happen.

# 2 – Monthly Car Maintenance Tips

Once a month, you’ll want to inspect the accessory belts and change them if it’s necessary. Take a look at the brake fluid and top it up if needed, or change it if the situation calls for it. The power-steering fluid should be checked too and changed if necessary because this should keep your steering wheel operate smoothly. If there’s already three months since your last oil change, then consider having it changed because an oil change is also priority for your car.

Have a look at all of your car’s tires and change them if they are damaged. If the tires must be filled, then do it as soon as possible. The last thing you want to be doing is driving around on over-inflated or under-inflated tires or tires that have been damaged very badly.

Inspect the battery on a monthly basis, as well as the hoses. If any hose has a hole in it or damaged, then replace it. The same goes for your wires, but make sure to look at any wires that are visible. If you drive a lot or more than the average driver, then you may need to change out your wires often, but the only way to know this is by inspection.

# 3 – Yearly Car Maintenance Tips

Once a year you should replace your brakes, but feel free to have them inspected first. Generally speaking, brake pads should be replaced every 50,000 miles, sometimes less, which averages to about a year or more. You want to be safe, so have your brake system inspected at least once a year. Other things you can have done include replacing spark plugs, air filters, inspection of the AC system and checking your seat belts.

If you’re serious about keeping your car running like new, then it’s important to maintain it, which requires periodical maintenance. By keeping the above weekly, monthly and yearly car maintenance tips in mind, you’ll increase your chances of keeping your car running properly for years to come. Implement those tips starting today and you will have much more fun driving your precious car.

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Car Terms & Simple Troubleshooting You Should Know

Some people are so passionate about cars. They seem to know all the motoring jargon out there and rarely have to take their vehicle to a repair shop as they are so experienced in car problems. And when they are resting, they think there is nothing better to do than settle down for a good read of a favorite motoring magazine. What a nerd! But hey, you can’t blame us (now including myself) if we find some satisfaction and a good adrenaline when we see our fave cars.

However, if you find motoring jargon to resemble Double Dutch on the other hand, and have no idea how to solve even the simplest of motoring issues and quite frankly would rather watch paint dry than read the latest motoring magazine, then you’ve come to the right place! You should learn a little and perhaps engage you to like what we love. This will save you time and money too.

Below are the most common car terms that we should all understand. We’ve also included a few troubleshooting points along the way.

  • ABS.  Anti-lock braking system (lets you have control when braking heavily).
  • Brake Disc. Each wheel has one. It’s a rotating metal disc that turns with the wheel. When you brake, a clamp squeezes the disc causing the rotation of the wheel to slow down.
  • Cam Belt / Timing Belt.  A rubber belt that drives the moving parts of the engine. They need to be replaced at specific intervals or you are in for a hefty repair bill.
  • Fan Belt.  It uses the car engine to drive the circular fan (you know that weird looking grill bit under the bonnet). If you get a squealing noise when you first start up the engine, you may have a problem with the fan belt.
  • Handbrake / Parking Brake.  Used to apply the brakes to keep the vehicle still.
  • Ignition.  Usually this is the keyhole where you put your key in to get the engine started. Granted, the ignition does refer to a lot of electrical processes that happen when you turn the key as well, but remember this is just a foolproof guide for novices, a pro guide is more complex of course!
  • Puncture.  When a car tire gets a leak. This often means that you have ran over a sharp object. If you get one, try not to drive on as you’ll likely cause more damage, as well as put yourself in danger. Call your local tire center and get them to come save you!
  • Suspension.  A complicated set up that we aren’t going to go into detail on. However the bottom line is that is allows the wheels to move independently of the chassis helping your car to ‘bounce’ over bumps.

Whilst we have provided you with some of the most common car terms, as well as a few simple troubleshooting tips, there are plenty more to learn about! Even if motoring is not your biggest ‘thrill topic’ in life, if you are a driver it’s a good idea to inform yourself of at least the basics. Now only will you feel more competent behind the wheel, but you’ll actually be able to understand a fraction of what your garage man is talking about!

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Keeping Your Car Brand New Everyday

You just got your new car and are excited to drive miles. But having one does not only require your knowledge on how to drive. You should know little troubleshooting and how you can maintain and keep it at its best all the time. You just spent thousands of bucks for it – you don’t wanna ruin it soon. For sure some people even name their cars and treat it so precious. I have nothing against it, in fact Dana (my car) can show you how I treat her too.

The Basics

The following simple tasks do not require long hours to be accomplished. In fact, you can do these while waiting at the gas station (whenever you decide to fill your tank).

#1 – Clean windshield

canon-car-new-innerCars with dirty windshields are prone to accidents since they are blocking your viewpoint while on the road. And you will always want to get a clearer view all the time (trust me!) especially at night. Give it a regular cleaning by using a sponge and a cleaning fluid. Give it a stroke from the middle to the side and then top to bottom. There are a lot of smaller elements on the road that can litter your windshield and sometimes can even be messier when your wipers fail to remove them completely thus leaving some sticky or oily dirt. You have also be mindful as to when you should call for a mobile windshield repair Houston service since broken or even chipped windshields put your life in a serious danger.

#2 – Check Tire Pressure Always

canon-car-new-inner-1Tires having correct pressure usually have longer lives and can increase your fuel efficiency. Over-inflated or under-inflated ones may also put your life into danger when on the road, chances are you can have a tire blow out. Worry not, it won’t give you a pain in the ass when you do this yourself (umm nobody else will) it only takes less than 2 minutes. Remember: to get an accurate reading, make sure you check the tires when at cold state, meaning before you drive around on them or it still can if the gas stop is just less than a mile away from your house. On the other hand, if you’ve been driving on your tires for hours, you should rest them for at least 4 hours before you can check the pressure. There’s a sticker or a paper-like note attached on your car about the pressure recommendation, follow these all the time, no more questions asked!  Next it to check the tire using a pressure gauge and if this does not meet the recommendation, fill them up with the required psi.

#3 – Oil Level Check-up

canon-car-new-inner-2Motor oil plays an important role in keeping your good car’s performance. It lubricates all your engine parts so they don’t grind and malfunction. The heat is also transferred away from the combustion cycle and the byproducts are then held and trapped in the process, sending them to the oil filter. Your car will be dead without the motor oil – and topping them off makes it very important for all car owners.

You have to regularly check the oil to the point that it’s becoming part of your driving habit. Well that’s a bit of exaggeration. Checking it when you fill up is ok but every other gas fill up will do.  Here’s the procedure:

  • Make sure your car is on level ground for accuracy of checking. Find your engine’s dipstick (normally the word OIL is written on it)
  • Pull the dipstick out
  • Wipe it clean with a clean cloth or a paper towel
  • Put it back all the way in to check the oil level
  • Pull it back up again but not upside down position. The oil level can be read by checking where the oil part ends and where the dry part starts. If the oil line is between two marks, it’s ok and you are all set otherwise if at the bottom mark you need to add some oil. Too much oil is never good for your engine too.

Alright, these are the basic stuff you need to remember when driving your new car. There are some more maintenance tasks I’ll be discussing here which involves a deeper knowledge on your car and how it should be maintained. But knowing the above and applying them as needed will surely make your car look new everyday.

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best time to buy a car

When is the Right Time to Buy a Car

Depending on which country you are staying, there are seasonal factors to consider when you are wanting to buy a new or second-hand car. The logic of aiming to save a few bucks is the same though. When I bought my very first car, I had no idea about the tricks. Although it is human nature to consult your deal offers with your family and few friends (moral support yeah!). I honestly needed someone beside me to tell me that my choices and decisions were okay. Well, it worked just fine but the deal could have been better if I had heard of the following pointers on buying a car:

  • Fall and winter months offer the best deals. This is due to the fact that people are not mostly
    winter time to buy a car

    A lot of luck in the winter

    spending their money on these months. However, this does not mean that you have to wait until such time. Inventories throughout the year become limited and most likely you’ll be able to get great discounts on car models that are not on your list.

  • It’s best to visit showrooms on weekdays especially on a Friday when the dealer is also keen to meet their weekly target. So if in case the dealer has not met his quota of sales for the week, you might get great discounts.
  • We go on with taking advantage of meeting sales quota – at the end of each quarter particularly June and December would probably welcome your lucky shots.
  • Wait a few months before you grab a new model. When the buzz about the new model starts to be quieter, you might get a good deal having it.
  • Try to give your offer before the workday ends. If the salesperson has not made a sale for a day, he is more likely be vulnerable to say yes to a good deal.
  • Shop for last year’s models when the new ones are due or has started rolling in the showroom. The dealer would want to sell new cars and of course is more willing to get rid of the older models by making great deals. This is an opportunity. Well a last year model is roughly the same with the new showroom
  • Be open to options too. Alright, so you have set your mind to buy a car model. But then there are a lot of good brands out there that might be even better than your preference. Be flexible in finalizing your choices.
  • Online showrooms are now a thing in the sales world. So while you feel you are far more ready to get your new car, it’s still best to contact at least 3 dealers and balance all the options for you.

These are tips coming from the people in the field, who are experienced at getting great deals on cars. Admit it, the best feeling in the world is to see how your hard work pays off. And having a car of your own is a living proof that your lifestyle is changing. It’s not something to brag about but it’s definitely something to be proud of. So if you wanna save money from buying such luxury, there’s nothing wrong with knowing how to bargain for it.

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